A needed overhaul: Bosch ROS20VSK Random Orbit Sander

Ask a carpenter which task is the most difficult in making furniture. Shaping the wood? Wrong. Fitting the pieces to make a whole? Wrong again. Most carpenters find the crucial task of sanding quite effortful. Smoothing out those rough edges is no picnic. Fingers scraped, nostrils stuffed with wood dust – you get the picture! It doesn’t have to be that way nowadays. Tools like the new Orbital Sander from Bosch are a blessing. Rated among the best, the Bosch ROS20VSK Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander kit is a dream come true!

A good update…

The Bosch ROS20VSK seems to be an updated version of the Bosch 1295DVS. This was pointed out in a review posted by John Albuquerque. He feels that the new model smoothes out some of the glitches that were a cause for complaint in the 1285DVS. The three aspects that were bettered in the Bosch ROS20VSK is seen in Sanding Pad, ergonomics and dust collection.

Now why do these three things add to the value of the Bosch ROS20VSK?
The most common complaints about a sander are that (a) the sanding pad does not last long, (b) the disc does not have a very good grip and (c) dust collection in between the pad and the disc causes obstruction. However, the Bosch ROS20VSK uses the patented “Hook-Tight” backing. The use of tiny extra velcro hooks solves these problems claims Bosch. John testifies that this claim holds true according to his experience this far. One point of caution while attaching the disc to the pad: Make sure that the disc is properly aligned with the holes on the pad. This is crucial for the tool to remove the grinding dust effectively.

Like your hands? Better pick ergonomic tools …!

As the Bosch ROS20VSK is a hand operated tool, ergonomics becomes doubly important. We all know what nasty Repetitive Stress Injuries are caused by prolonged handling of hand operated tools. John notes the ergonomic features of the Bosch ROS20VSK. The tail of the Bosch ROS20VSK is a little larger when compared to other orbit sanders. This helps in getting a good grip while working with the sander. This is a boon when working on tight angles too. John is appreciative of the moulded rubber grip that has been added to this tool at the appropriate places. This also prevents slipping due to sweaty palms and fingers.

Dust Collection: Keep your shop clean!

I think the third feature of the Bosch ROS20VSK that is highlighted by John is the master stroke on this tool – Dust Collection. The 1285DVS also had a dust collection bag, but it did not have a vacuum attachment. Now this can be a drawback when caught up in larger sanding jobs; you may have to frequently clean the dust filter. The Bosch ROS20VSK comes with a vacuum hose adapter which can be easily connected to a vacuum hose that can happily suck all the dirt away. The dust collection of the Bosch ROS20VSK is so good that it mitigates the need to wear goggles even. And say goodbye to those ah-ah-achoos!

Any complaints?

Most users are complaining about the 1 year warranty, which seems meagre when compared to other orbit sanders that come with a 2-3 years warranty. But I think this is a practical measure by Bosch. Imagine all that wear and tear on a sander over a period of 2-3 years; then demanding that it be replaced. Just doesn’t seem fair to me.

Apart from the features that John mentioned in his review, I think there is one more feature that makes the Bosch ROS20VSK outstanding. It comes loaded with a 2.5 Amp powerful motor, and a maximum of 13000 rpm capacity which means that you have a mini beast in your hand. Though a beast in performance, it has a surprisingly quiet roar. The machine is awfully quiet when compared to the other orbit sanders in its category. It is gentle on your hands too; the vibration is quite low, considerably reduces hand fatigue which means you can work with the tool for extended periods of time. It also has six variable speeds which can be used as per the work in hand.

My personal conclusion

I think the Bosch ROS20VSK is a very well designed and a handy tool. The excellent features of the Bosch ROS20VSK highly recommend it, I surmise. If you are unsure and want to compare it to it’s most dire competitor…click here.

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